Student Suspended From School For Bringing Knife To Class To Cut His Apple

BEDFORD, OHIO – Da’von Shaw will be missing the next five days of his classes because the school district may have made an error in judgement.

It all started when Da’von planned a presentation for his tenth grade speech class. It had to do with eating a breakfast, more specifically, “having an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

During his presentation, Da’von intended on preparing a healthy breakfast in front of the class. He brought apples, crasins, and a knife to cut the apples. However, when the teacher saw the knife Da’von brought, his presentation was halted.

The teacher told Da’von that he wasn’t allowed to use the knife, so he handed it to her without hesitation. No big deal, right?


Later in the day, Da’von was informed that he had been suspended for five days, because he had brought a weapon to school.

Superintendent Sherman Micsak, off camera, stated that he stands behind the punishment, an that Da’von caught a bit of a break. According to the Superintendent, the punishment for bringing a weapon to school can be as large as a year suspension.

Shakila Wilson, Da’von’s mother is angry with the school board, saying, “I can take off my belt and use that as a weapon. Pens and pencils can be used as a weapon. You can’t take a person with no intentions to harm and put them as a criminal because that’s what you normally do.”

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