School Accidentally Tells Parents That 717 Students Have Gone Missing


Imagine this: You’re sitting at home, enjoying your life while your son and/or daughter is away at school. Suddenly, you receive a text message that your child is missing from school. You panic a little bit. You remember dropping them off outside of school this morning. Where is your child????

Recently, the California elementary school caused panic among all the parents of the 717 students attending the school. An administrator at the school had made an error, and sent a text message to all the children’s parents saying that their child had gone missing.

The school, John Adams Elementary School in Corona, tried to quickly correct their mistake by informing the parents of the error, and that their child was, indeed in class. Despite their effort, many concerned parents showed up on the school’s campus to find out more information about their child.

“It was a human error coupled with technology error,” said the school’s spokesperson Evita Tapia-Gonzalez. She went on to explain that the employee handling their Messaging system accidentally sent the note to all parents, instead of a select few parents whose children weren’t actually at school.

I can see it now. The employee hits send, and instantly thinks, “Oh sh*t.”

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