Quadruple Amputee On The Run After His Parents Were Murdered Considered Armed & Dangerous’

Those are definitely not words I ever thought I would be writing.

FLORIDA – A 30-year-old man who lost both his hands and feet to meningitis back in 2000 when he was just a teenager is being looked for by police. Since losing his hands, he has endured 13 operations to try and repair the effects of the disease.

The man, Sean Petrozzino, has been named as a “person of interest” in the fatal shootings involving this parents at their home in Florida. The bodies of his parents, Nancy 64, and Michael 63, were found on Wednesday. Their deaths have been ruled as homicides.

Petrozzino had recently moved in with his parents after splitting up with his wife, according to the Orland Sentinel.

A spokesman for the Orange Country Sheriff’s Office issued a statement saying “We do believe he has a firearm. He’s considered dangerous and they believe he is in the south Florida area.”

Police think the amputee is hiding either in the Jupiter or Coral Springs are of Broward County. If you see any suspicious activity, you are asked to report it to the police.


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8 Responses to Quadruple Amputee On The Run After His Parents Were Murdered Considered Armed & Dangerous’

  1. Tony says:

    If he has no hands or feet, how is he “armed”?


  2. G. Taylor says:

    Without hands, how could he pull the trigger?


  3. Tom Corbett says:

    What? Stop.


  4. Mark Thompson says:

    Perhaps some proofreading should have been done on this article prior to it’s publication. There are several typo’s that should have been avoided.


    • M Alt says:

      Your reply is ironic, considering that neither “its” nor “typos” are supposed to use apostrophes in this context. Glass houses and all that.


  5. Terri Ann Tabak says:

    That is the best headline ever, laughed my head off!


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