Eight Children Accidentally Pepper-Sprayed By Police


It’s been a rough week for children in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday, eight children were pepper-sprayed at Ysgol Gymraeg Gilfach Fargoed primary school in Wales. It wasn’t intentional. The incident occurred after a clumsy police officer accidentally used a live canister of pepper-spray, instead of a fake canister containing water.

Imagine how bad the cop must have felt after realizing he just pepper-sprayed a group of school children excitedly watching his demonstration.

Police formally apologized for the incident which only caused the eyes of the children to become irritated. No serious medical attention was needed.

The fun for children in the UK doesn’t stop there.

In a completely separate incident that took place during late October, a seven-year-old girl was lucky to escape with just a split lip after a live round of ammunition was accidentally discharged at the headquarters of the Nottinghamshire Police force. The girl was part of a tour group.

At first, everyone was worried that the bullet had ricocheted and hit her in the face, but it is now believed the injury was caused by an ammunition cartridge that fell and bounced into the girl’s face.

The incident has been reported to the Police Complaints Commission, and the officer involved has been taken off firearms duties while an investigation takes place.

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