Man Robbed Of $2 At Arby’s During First Date

Investigators say it was quite possibly the worst first date of all time.

23-Year-old Jeffrey Mack from North Plaisn Oregon, met 20-year-old Heather Dureen Hegre on the website, The first time they met in person was at a local Arby’s around 10 p.m.

Hegre stepped into Mack’s vehicle, and the couple went through the drive-thru, where Mack bought Hegre a milkshake. How romantic, right? It’s everything a girl wants on a first date.

Mack handed the window clerk a $5 bill and received two $1 bills in change, which he put back in his wallet, and then placed on the centre console. Unfortunately for Mack, his kind deed went to waste after Hegre grabbed his wallet, opened the passenger door, and ran across the parking lot.

Mack called 911, and polcie were able to track down Hegre and her minivan. Inside, police say they found Mack’s wallet, along with hypodermic needles, two jars of hash oil, marijuana pipes, a scale and a pill bottle of a material suspected to be meth.


“The two $1 bills were still in the wallet,” said Sgt Dan Kraus, Wilsonville Police Department spokesman. “That was all the money he had.”

On one hand, Jeffrey Mack took a girl on quite possibly one of the worst first dates of all time. However, think of the bullet he dodged by only getting robbed of $2. Imagine what would have happened if he took his date back to his house.

That being said, imagine how dumb you would feel after robbing someone of $2. She can’t even buy another milkshake.

Do you have any date night horror stories? Let us know!

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