Saudi Arabia Outlaws ‘Tempting Eyes’

Damn, bro. Her eyes are making me want to do all sorts of forbidden things.

A new law in Saudi Arabia has just been passed that bans ‘tempting eyes,’ a law that is being criticized worldwide.

Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, spokesman of the Saudi Arabian Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, stated that they ‘had the right’ to force women to cover their face.

In fact, his exact words were “The men of the committee will interfere to force women to cover their eyes, especially the tempting ones…We have the right to do so.”

This statement, of course, was ridiculed on pretty much every social media site in the western world. However, many people were wondering how the word ‘tempting’ would be applied to eyes.

One journalist who wishes to remain unnamed suggested that it referred to ‘uncovered eyes with a nice shape and makeup…Or even without makeup, if they are beautiful, the woman will be in trouble,”

How little control do you have over your own actions, that as a grown man, you get sexual urges and feel ‘tempted’ after making eye contact with a woman? The woman isn’t even doing anything. She’s literally just walking down the street and if a man happens to see her eyes, and think they are ‘tempting,’ she will be forced to wear a veil to cover her eyes.

Prince Naif, who will ascend to the Saudi throne soon and was a hope for many people to support laws to lower how oppressed women are, supports the decision of the committee.

“The committee is supported by all sides,” he said, “It should be supported because it is a pillar of Islam. If you are a Muslim, you should support the committee.”

I’m not one to criticize other cultures, but it sounds like the government’s actions has less to do with Islam, and more to do with controlling their people.

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