Hampton Couple Terrorized By Aggressive Groundhog

It looks like groundhogs are sick and tired of being asked when winter will end.

A Hampton couple claims that they were menaced by a groundhog outside of their home on Tuesday. Gary McGrath said that he was walking into his home, when he noticed that a groundhog was running at him.

“He just kept barreling ahead, as fast as he could. Don’t know what he was thinking, but it was not nice,” McGrath told reporters. “Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this movement. I turned around and this furry thing is coming at me. He got close enough so I could just poke him with my toe, and I pushed him back a few feet. He just turned around and came right back, and I gave him a harder kick this time.”

But the groundhog was craving flesh.

McGrath ran into his garage and closed the door, but the groundhog snuck through another open door into his garage.

McGrath went into his home, and some time later, came back outside assuming that the animal would have wandered away. He was wrong.

“Here he comes again and he almost got me that time,” McGrath recalls.

McGrath ran for his front door as the groundhog pursued him.

“I took off as fast as I could, which didn’t have to be too fast. He had pretty short legs,” he said. “And he follows me up the steps and started biting, clawing and really acting nasty.”

His wife snapped a few photos from the incident and called animal control.

The groundhog faced off with an animal control officer, who was also chased back into his truck for a short time. The groundhog was put down in the yard and will be tested for rabies.

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