Man Locks Himself Out Of Apartment – Ties Rope Around Waist And Tries to Rappel Down To His Balcony

It’s not the worst idea he’s ever had. 

Police received a call just after 6:30pm after someone noticed a “suspicious male on the roof of an apartment block” on Woods Street, in Darwin city.

“From all appearances, it looked s if he was counting the number of floors down and was preparing to jump,” said Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen.

“Police attended and the male was pointed out to them. They rushed to the roof and found the male standing near the edge with a rope attached to a nearby pole.”

Police then urged the man to step away from the ledge, fearing for his safety. The man, then explained to police that he locked his keys in his apartment, and was trying to rappel down the side of the building to his balcony, so he could retrieve them.

The man had decided that his attempt was too dangerous just moments before the police arrived.

“He agreed that having a spare key or utilizing the services of a locksmith would be a better idea in the future should he unfortunately lock his keys inside again,” said the Duty Superintendent.

It’s a good thing the man backed out of his foolish attempt to get into his own apartment. If he hadn’t, this Darwin man might have found himself earning a Darwin award.

Side note: Where did he even find rope long enough to rappel into his apartment? 

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