Maritime Fisherman Finds Much Success Using Crack Cocaine As Bait

Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Leonard Grey has a fishing technique like no other. The Maritime fisherman prefers to cast his line around North Lake Prince Edward Island, but what he’s started doing is causing a bit of a controversy. Leonard Grey accidentally discovered that fish are incredibly attracted to crack cocaine, so he has started using it as bait.

I wonder how he figured this out in the first place. Surely he wasn’t doing cocaine on the job, right?

Since switching to cocaine as bait, he has become the area’s most successful fisherman and is showing no sign of slowing down. He loves using the narcotics as bait.

“Look, I know that it is an illegal drug, but it makes catching fish extremely easy,” says Grey. “I’m kinda doing the community a service because I am taking drugs off the streets and putting ’em in the ocean.”

When asked why he thinks that cocaine seems to work so well, Grey responded by saying: “I have no flippin’ idea…but I can tell you the fish can’t get enough of this junk.”

Yeah, neither can most people, Mr. Grey.

Want to hear the full interview with Leonard Grey? Click this.

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