Florida man turned away at firehouse trying to report blaze, told to call 911 instead

Just when you thought Florida couldn’t get any worse.

67-year-old Florida Man Neville Morrison ran 4 houses down the street to his local fire station, to report that his house was on fire. Morrison claims he had to tell the fire station in person because he didn’t have access to a phone.

“It was not possibe for me to call 911,” Morrison explained. “I thought running four houses down, where they are, it would be sufficient time for them to respond and to save my house,”

When Morrison arrived at the station, he was told by an EMT to report the incident by phone and not in person. Morrison tried to tell the EMT that if they looked outside they could see smoke coming up from his house. Morrison told the EMT twice that he did not have a phone, but the EMT wasn’t listening. They eventually shut the fire station door in Morrison’s face.

Eventually,  one of Morrison’s neighbours called 911. 7 minutes and 58 seconds later,  enough volunteers arrived at the fire station to put out the fire.

Fire spokesman Joel Gordon told reporters that the EMT is undergoing counselling and that, when referring to the incident,  “Obviously that’s not the way we do business.”

Morrison, his wife, and three children aged 24, 18, and 16 have been relocated to a hotel by the American Red Cross. Nobody was injured in the fire but two cats died.

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