Man Marries Tree For Second Time

His first marriage just didn’t work out.

The man, Richard Torres, is an actor and environmentalist who felt the need to express how much he loves the environment. Last Sunday, Torres decided to take the term “tree hugger” one step farther and marry a tree at a national park in Bogotá, Columbia.

During the marriage young girls placed fruits and vegetables at the base of a tree as offerings.

And yes, the tree was wearing a dress.

Although the marriage was more of a symbolic joining, and is the second time he’s been united with a tree, Torres is trying to raise awareness for a good cause. Torres was trying to encourage rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia to plant trees instead of inciting war.

Have you ever loved something other than a person so much, that you felt the need to marry it? It’s possible. If you think it isn’t, you should check out this documentary, about a woman who married the Eiffel Tower and others who claim to be in long-term relationships with inanimate objects.


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