Woman Arrested After Board Game Fun Turns Violent

The most exciting part about this story is the headline.

21-Year-old Alyssa Ferraro was arrested and charged with domestic violence-related simple assault after she slapped her boyfriend in the face.

The reason Alyssa slapped her boyfriend in the face is because the young couple became angry, agitated, and started to  argue with one another after playing a long game of Monopoly. It’s always Monopoly, isn’t it?

The boyfriend wasn’t injured, which almost makes you wonder why he decided to call the police in the first place. Most people would just let it go, because you know, it’s just a slap. But maybe he felt threatened, maybe she had done it many times before, or maybe he’s just a sissy.


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3 Responses to Woman Arrested After Board Game Fun Turns Violent

  1. Nikkasaurus says:

    “Maybe he’s just a sissy”.
    UGH. Horrible writers like you are why gender stereotypes persist. Yes, maybe calling the cops was a bit over the top, but if it were the other way around, you’d be all up in arms.. cursing this guy, calling him an abusive, horrible person.
    Hypocritical assholes who call men that deal with physical abuse “sissies” are why we still have sexism. You should be fired you uncultured, sexist hack.


  2. Christal says:

    You are always planning to get people that merely are available in for your deal-of-the-morning and not
    get intentions another.


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