Cat Leaves 27,000 Crimeans Without Electricity


Cats can be known for their curious but destructive ways and one feline’s curiosity might have broken a record after leaving about 27,000 people without electricity for three days.

On Monday, a seemingly harmless cat walked into a power substation in Crimea’s capital Simferopol, and started strolling among the transformers. The cat made one wrong move, and it’s body was electrocuted, and set off an electric discharge that set the roof on fire.

As a result, the fire damage the substation enough that it left 8,000 homes without electricity, officials told reporters. A hospital, water pump, boiler station, two schools and two kindergartens were also affected by the power outage.

The Emergency Situations Ministry said the power grid was fixed midday Thursday. No lives were lost during the incident, except for the cat that died.

Oddly enough, despite being annexed by Russia in March, Crimea still receives close to 80% of its power from Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities said they have no plans to turn off the power going to Crimea.

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