Children Outlawed From High-Fiving Crossing Guards

Zero tolerance policies make zero sense. 

PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO – A group of parents are protesting a bylaw that bans children from high-fiving their crossing guards while walking to school. The protests began after an incident earlier this week.

A crossing guard from Prince of Wales Public school was specifically told to stop high-fiving children on duty. The guard was told that by sharing an enthusiastic gesture with a child, they are violating a city bylaw that prohibits all forms of physical contact between guards and children.

The bylaw suggests that if students are distracting guards with a gesture of appreciation, they aren’t fully focused on keeping the children crossing the road safe. Representatives of the city have stated that the policy has always been in place, and it isn’t something new that they’ve started enforcing.


Parents of crossing guards are frustrated and confused with the legislation because they say that when crossing guards high-five children, it helps build a more trusting relationship between children and the guards.

Are crossing guards supposed to reject children that are trying to high-five them? I’m sure that the conversation between the crossing guard and the child will go well.

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