McDonald’s in a church? It might just be the next big thing

Have you ever been sitting in an especially long sermon and thought to yourself “I really wish I could be eating a big Mac with some fries while this old guy talks.” If you answer ‘yes’ to that question, you might get excited by the organization McMass, a group whose goal is to put a McDonald’s franchise in a church. If, however, you’re a rational thinking human being you will see this idea for what it is: absolute hilarity.

The group is led by Paul di Lucca, a creative director at the church branding agency Lux Dei Design, and has launched a page on IndieGoGo to crowdfund the first McDonald’s church. He’s looking to raise $1 million. So far, he’s raised $103.

“It’s time for churches to engage with entrepreneurship,” writes the group. “By combining a church and a McDonald’s we can create a self-sustaining, community-engaged, popular church, and an unparalleled McDonald’s restaurant.”

The real gem in this project is what you’ll receive if you donate money. You will be given anything from stickers, hats and even t-shirts with the hashtag #Feast4Jesus.

#Feast4Jesus. That’s absolutely priceless. With a saying like that, the company, by no means, is hiding the fact that it wants to exploit people’s faith to make a profit.

If you check out the McMass website, you can find more information about their project. Some of this information includes statistics, which states that in 2013 as many as 10,000 churches closed down, and 3 million people leave the church every year in the United States alone.

I’m sure people are leaving their churches because they aren’t interested in a religious lifestyle or lost faith in their original beliefs, not because they can’t find a burger to eat in the middle of the church sermon.

I’ll donate a dollar to the cause because it gave me a really good laugh. If you want to donate as well, click here.

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