Tasmanian Man offered fellow prisoner ‘lucky Keno numbers’ to kill ex-wife

How could he say no?

42-Year-old Darryl Scott Donohue has been found guilty of approaching two fellow inmates and asking them to murder his wife, between May and June.

According to one of the inmates, Darryl offered him cash and lucky Keno numbers to carry out the murder. Donohue plead not guilty to two counts of incitement to murder.

The man who was an inmate at the time, reported what Darryl Donohue asked him to do in court. The now ex-inmate said he was offered $25,000 to “whack” Donohue’s ex-wife and her parents. He said he was given details about the woman’s car, where she lived, where the children were, where her parents’ lived, and Donohue even drew out a map to the house for the inmate to look at.

Donohue denied having any conversations about poisoning his ex-wife and her parents with cyanide or cutting their car brakes. In fact, Donohue defended himself by telling the jury that the sketch that was allegedly a map to his ex-wife’s house, was actually a design for an LED light device.

When asked about his notebook filled with the phone numbers of fellow inmates, he said that they were all people who had similar interests as him, such as fishing, and that they were definitely not assassins.

He was previously jailed in 2013 after approaching two men, one of which was an undercover cop, and offered them money in exchange for killing his ex-wife.

Justice Robert Pearce ordered a psychiatric report before sentencing.

Donohue is set to appear back in court in February.

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