Man Assaults Wife With McChicken Sandwich

Why do people get so mad about their food?

DES MOINES, Iowa – 21-year-old Marvin Tramaine Hill II was arrested and charged with simple domestic assault after he admitted to throwing at McChicken sandwich at his pregnant wife. Tramaine admitted to police that he threw the sandwich because he doesn’t like them.

Tramaine says that he was sleeping on the couch around 1 p.m. when his wife woke him up with a McChicken her hands. He claims he threw the sandwich at her, picked it up, and then threw the bun at her again.

The woman went to the bathroom to clean herself up when Tramaine followed her and began recording her with his cellphone, which he gladly shared with police. In the video, the woman knocks the phone out of Tramaine’s hands. However, police feel that Tramaine was trying to entice the woman into knocking the phone out of his hands in order to make herself appear aggressive, and himself as an innocent victim.

When police arrived on the scene, they noticed that Tramaine’s wife had mayonnaise on her shirt and face. The woman claims that Tramaine didn’t throw the sandwich at her, he forcefully pushed it into her face. Police noticed that the woman’s nose was swollen after being hit in the face by a McChicken.

Traimaine remains in custody at the Polk County Jail, and his weapons permit has been confiscated. Thank God. It sounds like this guy has a short fuse.

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