Man Fired After Not Showing Up To Work for 24 Years

He was living the dream.

Shri A.K. Verma was an executive engineer for India’s Central Public Works Department, but left on paid leave in December 1990. Verma asked for an extension on his leave, but was denied, so he never went back to work. After two years of not showing up to work, an investigation was finally launched against the man. Don’t worry, he still wasn’t fired.

In 2007, charges were filed against him by the minister of urban development as a result of him not showing up to work, and still, Verma was not fired. 7 Years later, Verma has been sacked from his job for ‘unauthorized absence from duty.’

So, what was the f*cking hold up?

It’s important to note that the bureaucratic process is world-famous for how slow it is. A 2012 report from the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy in hong Kong declared that the bureaucratic process in India, was the ‘worst in Asia.’ Harsh. Furthermore, in India, it is almost impossible to fire public officials because of the incredibly restrictive labor laws.

Here’s what I’m wondering: Was Shri Verma paid for his 24 year vacation? If he was, God bless that man. He beat the system. By not showing up to work for 24 years, he’s reached a level of laziness that I, an incredibly lazy human being, may one day achieve.



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