Chinese Man In Coma Woken Up By Smell Of Money

It’s going to be really hard to say he’s not greedy.

30-Year-old Xiao Li, a Shenzhen resident had slipped into a coma in August 2013, after spending nearly a week at an internet cafe without sleeping. The man had passed out after researching business ideas, according to CEN.

For months, doctors tried to awaken Li, but they had no success. It wasn’t until that his family revealed what object he loved most in the world, that doctors would be able to find their success.

“We had asked his family what really drove him, and they were very clear that it was money,” said Dr Liu Tang. “Wen we learned about his fondness for money, we experimented with notes and change.”

“Memories of smell and sound can be very powerful stimulants,” added Tang. “We found that a crisp, new 100 yuan note (the equivalent of $16.12) crumpled under his nose worked best.”

After more than a year of being in a coma, the money loving capitalist was awoken by the smell of money. This sounds like something that would happen to Mr Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants. 

Li’s family remains hopeful as he continues his physical therapy, but doctors urged them to remain cautious. Dr Tang later said in an interview that Li was making good progress, but still has a long way to go before he is discharged from the hospital.

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