Saudi Arabia Holds All Male Women’s Rights Conference

Shouldn’t there be like, at least one woman?

The University of Qassim in Saudi Arabia held one of the biggest women’s rights conferences in the Arab world. While this is a step in the right direction for Saudi Arabia, who is ranked 127th out of 136 countries for gender equality, but it should be noted that not a single woman attended the conference. In fact, no women were even asked about their opinion on the conference.

What better way to preach gender equality than to completely exclude an already oppressed gender?

The conference was themed around the topic of “Women in Society.” The conference is held every year at the university, and is supposed to be the epitome of progress and tolerance in Saudi Arabia. In fact, speakers from more than fifteen countries showed up.

Not a single one of them was a woman.

There are some serious discrimination issues in Saudi Arabia. In fact, in a Global Gender Gap Report published in 2006, Saudi Arabia was rated lower than Chad and Uganda, two countries that have a serious problem with men hunting down young girls and chopping off their clitoris.

Why don’t we hear about how shitty the living conditions in Saudi Arabia more often?

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