Wisconsin Woman Kicked Out Of McDonald’s Over Kangaroo ‘Service Animal’

His name is Jimmy.

A Wisconsin woman, Diana Moyer, was kicked out of McDonald’s last week after another customer in the fast food restaurant complained about the woman’s therapy pet – a kangaroo.

Diana brought her service baby kangaroo to a McDonald’s in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, around 11:40 a.m. The woman who filed the complaint called the police to report the animal, saying it wasn’t safe for the kangaroo to be in a McDonald’s around noon.

And the woman is right. Jimmy the baby kangaroo is a wild animal, and there is no way that any doctor would recommend a patient have a service kangaroo.

But this is where the story takes a twist: Diana Moyer told police that the kangaroo was a service animal and showed police a note from her doctor backing her claim. Officers still asked Diana to leave, as they said it wasn’t save for her to have her pet in McDonald’s.

However, Moyer’s husband admitted in an interview that the kangaroo wasn’t a service animal like his wife initially claimed. In reality, Jimmy the kangaroo is a therapy pet for his wife who is battling cancer. The couple owns five kangaroos that they keep in their home outside of Beaver Dam, where they were forced to move after people complained about their exotic ‘pets.’

After the story of McDonald’s kicking out a woman battling with cancer because of her therapy pet, the company released this vague statement:

“We are aware a customer called the authorities regarding this incident who then investigated and took the steps to resolve the situation…Our policy is to make our restaurants accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities and special needs.”

3 thoughts on “Wisconsin Woman Kicked Out Of McDonald’s Over Kangaroo ‘Service Animal’

  1. She has no right to be owning Kangaroos full stop. No one does! Kangaroos belong in Australia – In the wild. This woman is completely selfish and mean to keep any Kangaroos! How completely neurotic. if she wants pet therapy get a Cat or a dog…there are plenty of animals that need therapy too..and they are NOT KANGAROOS. Ban all exotic ownership of native wild animals in USA !! ANIMALS ARE NOT OUR SLAVES !!


  2. I am a Wildlife carer in Australia and seing this article has left me horrified.
    Kangaroos have very specific requirements when it comes to their care…the general public are not allowed to have Kangaroos as pets in Australia.This would be seen as ABUSE here and is very detrimental to the kangaroos wellbeing…SHAME ON YOU…


  3. Macropods are so easily stressed. This stress brings on diseases and can cause rapid death. There is no way it should be taken around or used as a therapeutic animal. Have some sense and stop abusing animals!


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