Man Writes ‘Drug Dealer’ As Occupation On His Police Report

He’s a drug dealer, not a liar.

Robert Phillips, 25, cut off an unmarked police car while he was cruising around in a stolen vehicle. The cop decided to follow Phillips, rather than immediately pull him over, and he says he saw Phillips participating in a drug deal. That’s when the officer called for back up, and other police cars arrived on the scene.

Phillips, like a deer in headlights, decided his best option was to try to evade the police. After a brief high-speed chase, Phillips was apprehended soon after, and police found over $2,000 in cash on him, as well as 22 grams of heroin and 5.3 grams of crack cocaine.

According to police, when the man was asked to fill out a police report, he wrote down “Drug Dealer” as his occupation. Police are saying that Phillips basically signed his own confession, whether he meant it as a joke or if he wrote it because he’s stupidly honest.

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