Shark Chokes On Moose – Rescued By Passerby

Now that’s something you don’t hear everyday. 

Derrick Chaulk was driving his car, minding his own business, along the harbor in Norris Arm North in Newfoundland, Canada, when he spotted what he thought was a beached whale. To his amazement, when he got closer to the object, he realized that it was a shark, struggling to survive…with a chunk of moose sticking out of its mouth.

Another man, Jeremy Ball, was also passing by. He and Derrick Chaulk approached the shark, and started to perform a shark Heimlich maneuver, and dislodged the piece of moose-meat by tugging it out of the shark.

A shark ecologist, Ian Hamilton, explained that this particular type of shark, the Greenland shark, is not known to eat moose. As he pointed out to reporters, “I don’t think a Greenland shark has the capacity to eat a full-grown moose…primarily because it lives on land, obviously.”

Ah. Yes. Thanks Ian. 

The men tied a rope around the shark’s tail and started working on trying to get it back into the water. One man pulled, and one man would push. A crowd of people began to form and watch these two men try to save the beached shark. After finally getting the shark in the water, the shark began to breathe after a few minutes. After another 30 minutes or so, the men said that the shark headed back out to sea, and everyone clapped.

What a happy ending.

Although this event happened a year and a half ago, we thought it was pretty funny and decided to share it anyway. 

One thought on “Shark Chokes On Moose – Rescued By Passerby

  1. I once heard a assholish joke from an Icelander: “Greenland Sharks are actually from Scandinavia, but are named such because they’re slow, ugly, inbred and eat seals”


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