Brookyln Heights Couple Can’t Find Each Other In Massive Condo

This isn’t even a first world problem. This is a Top 1% problem. This one of those 99 problems Jay-Z was always bitching about. 

Owning a New York City condo is as glamorous as you think it might be, as Stuart Leaf can tell you. A few months ago, while sitting in his apartment, he received a phone call from his wife asking when he would be home. As it turns out, both him and his wife were at their 11,000 square-foot condo for three hours, without realizing that the other one was there with them.

That’s one of those stories you tell at a posh cocktail party and nobody laughs at because not a single person can relate to that story.

So, just how big is their apartment?

It’s located at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, in Brooklyn Heights, and is a combination of nine suits spanning three floors. The apartment has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and two and a half baths. It also contains a 3,500 wine bottle room, a gym, a rock climbing wall, and a bunch of other rich people stuff.

The apartment is valued at $32 million.

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