Chinese Man With 17 Girlfriends Caught Cheating After Car Crash

He wasn’t in it for the sex.

A Chinese man with the last name Yuan has caught dating 17 women at once after all of his girlfriends showed up at the hospital to visit him after he was in a car crash.

The man was engaged in long-term relationships with the women, having a child with one, and actually planning to have a marriage with another.

The women were varied in ages between 20 and 40, and turned up at the hospital after being contacted by hospital staff, who were only looking to contact Mr Yuan’s loved ones. Some women had dated him for a few months, others, had been dating him for over a decade.

“I was really worried when I heard that he was in hospital,” Xiao Li, a girlfriend of 18 months told reporters. “But when I started seeing more and more beautiful girls show up, I couldn’t cry anymore.”

I can literally imagine his face turn from excitement that one of his 17 girlfriend’s had come to visit him in the hospital, to absolute horror as more and more women began to show up at his room.

As it turns out, Yuan wasn’t in all these relationships for sex. Instead, it appears as if he was in it for monetary gain. During a previous divorce, Yuan allegedly cheated his wife out of 250,000 yuan (about $40,000 USD). On top of that, he also managed to borrow tens of thousands of dollars from his girlfriends over the course of their relationship. He now faces criminal charges for fraud.

But it wasn’t just women that he scammed.

According to China Daily, he also forged a degree in civil engineering from Central South University, a prestigious university. Mr Yuan had only ever graduated from middle school, and forged his degree to gain employment.

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