Russian Company Sells Ad Space On Women’s Breasts

Introducing: Tittygrams.

Welcome to 2015, where gender equality runs rampant in our day-to-day lives. Or, at least, so we like to believe.

A new service is being introduced in Russia that let’s businesses pay to advertise their brand on women’s breasts. However, public opinion is torn whether or not the advertisements are offensive, or genius.

As you can imagine, men around the world have praised these ads while women have bashed them on social media.

The service is called Tittygram, and opened its offices in Ulyanovsk at the end of March, and boasts that it has already signed up dozens of local businesses and customers. Some of these customers include the financial apps Rocketbank and Touchbank, and the hotel booking company Hotellook.

As part of their launch, the company hired women to take part in advertising by paying them up to $88 a day for advertising space on their breasts. The price of an ad ranges between $7-$10 for up to 35 words.

I mean sure, it’s a little sexist to treat a woman’s body as advertising space, but hey, you have to admit, it’s a creative way to advertise. The advertising company must be doing something right if they became international news within two weeks of launching.

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