Shooting Suspect Wants to ‘Chill this weekend’ Will Turn Himself In Next Week

Whatever works best for him, really.

Metro police are still trying to track down an Indianapolis man who is wanted for a shooting that injured five people, including three children, that took place last weekend. The shooting happened in an apartment building, and the shooter used a high-powered assault rifle to shoot two women and three young boys.

Police say that the man refuses to surrender himself to police, and everyone should assume that he is armed and dangerous.

The man, Domonique Stone, 24, is wanted on several warrants, including one for identity theft. According to police reports, investigators were told from an anonymous tip that Domonique would turn himself in, but not until later next week because he just wanted to “chill this weekend.”

However, police are still looking into identifying two of the other suspects involved in the shooting. One of them was leaving the scene in a 2002 silver Ford Focus that had been stolen during a carjacking. The car has an Indiana license plate: WOJ856,

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