Dog Owners Threatened With $750K Fine For Missing Dog Posters

Posting missing dog fliers is now a crime against humanity. 

Roger Horowitz did what any dog owner would do if his pet went missing – he started posting fliers to lampposts around Washington D.C with the hopes that someone had found his dog. A few days later, Roger was seen removing the very posters that he spent all that time putting up. But, it wasn’t because he found his missing dog.

After Roger had filed a missing dog report, police encouraged him to post fliers around the city to raise awareness. In fact, volunteers spent time putting up thousands of posters helping Roger look for his lost dog, Ollie.

Sadly, after thousands of signs had been posted, Roger Horowitz received a call from police officers saying that the signs needed to be taken down, otherwise they would face a hefty fine up to $750,000. It didn’t matter whether Roger put the fliers up, he needed to take them all down, or potentially pay $300 per flier posted around the city.

Roger lost his dog, Ollie, on March 30 while taking him for a walk. The dog, who was originally owned by an abusive person, had been shot previously in its life and still has around 23 pellets in his back, according to Roger.

“A car just backfired, and he suddenly just bolted and managed to get away with the leash,” Roger told NBC Washington.

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