Android vs iPhone Debate Escalates Into Stabbing And Car Theft

Would you bleed for your phone manufacturer? 

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Police responded to an apartment complex around 1:00am on April 17 to investigate at least one report of a bloody person roaming around the parking lot.

Upon investigation, police found roommates Jiro Mendez and Elias Ecevo, each distressed. Mendez was the man wandering the parking lot covered in scratches and cuts, and Ecevo, similarly wounded, stayed inside of their apartment.

Mendez told police that the wounds resulted from an argument between the two roommates that started over which of them had the better smartphone, Apple or android. The argument ended with the roommates stabbing each other with broken glass bottles, and Ecevo, allgedly stealing Mendez’s car.

Police say alcohol was a factor in the argument.

Both men were taken to hospitals for treatment of their injuries, and then they were taken to the police station and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.


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