McDonald’s Conveniently Tests All-Day Breakfast On 4/20

Someone’s getting a raise.

San Diego potheads rejoiced today when it was announced that at select McDonald’s locations, you can buy items from the breakfast menu at any time of the day. This made it convenient for stoners, who still wanted to catch a snooze, to enjoy their favorite McDonald’s munchies on a day that many marijuana enthusiasts say is better than Christmas. I don’t know why they say that, because if you’re dedicated enough, every day can be 4/20, but that’s not important. Many people believe that 4/20 is a celebration of Bob Marley’s death, or birthday, but a simple Google search will tell you that’s bullshit.

Typically, McDonald’s breakfast ends at 10:30am on weekdays, and 11am on weekends. Allegedly, the grills at the stores are supposedly not big enough to cook both breakfast and regular items at once.

I guess the grills in San Diego became miraculously bigger.

This all day breakfast experiment will be available at nearly 100 locations in San Diego, and it is unknown how long this experiment will run. However, the menu has been shrunk down to nine items, and McCafe drinks. Customers will be able to buy McMuffins, hash brown and hotcakes, sausage burritos, oatmeal, and yogurt at any time of the day.

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