Spree Killer Tries To Carve ‘666’ Into forehead – Accidentally Carves 9s Instead

And they say all serial killers are smart. 

28-Year-old Nikko Jenkins is on trial for killing four people over the course of a 10 day killing spree. He says that he committed the murders after receiving instructions from a serpent-god. However, police say that Nikko is just trying to make himself seem insane to avoid the death penalty.

Recently, Nikko tried to carve 666, the number of the beast, into his forehead. He used a mirror to carve the numbers into his face, but, being the smart man that he is, accidentally carved upside down 9s, instead of 6s. Cause, you know, mirrors reverse things and, well, Nikko didn’t realize that I guess.

Nikko told Douglast County District Judge Peter Batallion that he wanted to carve 666 into his forehead because he wasn’t receiving treatment for his supposed mental illness, which he felt he should be receiving.

Police believe Nikko is using self-mutilation to avoid his death-penalty hearing. A similar self-mutilation incident happened last year, which delayed his hearing for an entire year.


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