Chinese Mobile App Helps You Hire Thugs To Carry Out Beatings

Even hit men need to stay up to date on the latest trends, or they could be out of a job. 

It started off as a joke on an online talk show. A video, which is completely satire, showed the app in action. A helpless nurse and schoolgirl use the app to hire macho bodyguards to beat down their tormentors. Now, the app is a real thing.

The app is called 滴滴打人 (Didi Da Ren) and can be used to solicit the services of online mercenaries to beat up your enemies, for a price, of course.

A Kunkming reporter decided to investigate and placed a fake ad on the app. He was contacted by a supposed thug who claimed he could put anyone in the hospital, and he would adjust the price depending on how much harm he inflicted on the victim. All he asked was for a photo of the victim, and the time and place where he could find the person. The thug stated he needed to be booked two days in advance, and payment could be made online after the beating was over. He charged US$30-80.

Of course, the app wasn’t just being used for beatings. Many people had taken to the app to look for one night stands. The app has since been removed from the app store, but not before it had been downloaded over 40,000 times.

The company responsible for launching the app, Changsha Zhang Kong Information Technology Limited, says that it was never their intention for people to use the app for illegal activities. They say staff are ordered to manually delete any ads they find for contract beatings.


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