Model Taj Mahal Made Out Of Toast Discovered On Street Corner

Ah, yes, the famous Toast Mahal.

Everyday London man Tom McKenzie tweeted out a picture of a model Taj Mahal he found on the street corner. The bizarre thing, is that this model is made entirely out of toast, and it actually looks a lot like the Taj Mahal.

Nobody knows who made this bizarre sculpture, but whoever did, is probably sitting back and laughing at the uproar it has caused online. Our culture has some weird obsession with finding the makers of…unique pieces of street art.

Of course, this was a risky piece of art work to make. What if someone had eaten the Toast Mahal while it sat idly on the street corner? Or, what if it rained? Then what?

Who knows.

While this Toast Mahal is impressive, it isn’t as impressive as the time that a 77-year-old man built a Taj Mahal replica for his wife in his small little village.

The man, Faizul Hasan Quadri, told reporters, “You see, my wife and I were childless, so she always used to say ‘after we are dead, there will be nobody to remember us, we will be forgotten.’ So I promised her that if she were to die before me, I would build such a beautiful mausoleum for her that people would remember her for ages…”

You can find that story here and you can check here for updates about the toast sculpture mystery.

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