Escaped Convict Turns Himself In After 39 Years For The Health Care

Everyone’s trying to milk the system.

Clarence David Moore, 66, had been living under the alias Ronnie Dickson in Frankfort, Kentucky, for the past 6 years. On April 20, he contacted the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and told them that he wanted to turn himself in. When police located Moore, they discovered that he had become partially paralyzed and unable to walk because of a recent stroke he suffered.

He was arrested on the scene and taken by ambulance to a hospital for further examination. After examination, he was taken to the Franklin County Regional Jail.

Police told reporters that Moore claimed to have escaped from the Henderson County, North Carolina, Prison Unit back in the 1970’s and had been on the run for nearly four decades.

As he got older, Moore became more and more sick. He was unable to receive any medical coverage because he didn’t have a valid Social Security Number under his alias. His only option was to turn himself in, so that he could get the health care that he needed.

Moore was arrested once in 1971 and sentenced to 8 years for larceny. He escaped once, but was caught a few hours later. A year after that, he escaped a second time, evading police until 1975. After being put back in jail, he escaped again, evading police officers for 39 years.

I’m sure they had stopped looking for him long before that.

This is a typical case of someone wanting to go to jail for their crimes when it is most convenient for them.

How do you feel about fugitives that turn themselves into police, long after they have committed their crime, in order to gain benefit from the system?


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