Janitor Attacked By Gang Members For Wearing The Colour Blue

I’m sure the janitor was wearing that uniform to represent his gang affiliation, and not just because he had to.

California police are asking for help identifying the gang members in a security video that attacked a janitor in Madera. The attack happened last Saturday night, while the victim was cleaning aisles at a local Save Mart.

Minutes before closing time, a security camera at the front entrance caught a man hurrying out the door, almost followed by another man who was walking just as quickly. Employees say that they didn’t know these two men had attacked the janitor when they were seen leaving the store.

According to the Sgt. Brian Esteves of the Madera Police Department, “They approached him in the aisle…began saying derogatory things to him calling him a scrap because he was wearing a blue shirt.”

Police believe the two suspects specifically targeted the janitor because of his blue uniform.

Police say that after reviewing the security camera footage, the two suspects were taunting the man, and then they began punching him in the middle of the aisle. Apparently, the janitor tried to defend himself, but one of the men attacking him grabbed a wine bottle off the shelf and hit him over the head.

What a bunch of tough guys, eh? Jump an innocent man while he’s just trying to do his job, because he’s wearing a blue shirt. Gang violence can be ridiculous. Let’s just hope that those two idiots don’t decide to walk into a Best Buy.


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