Fifth-Grader Suspended For Accidentally Bringing Nerf Bullet To School

Zero tolerance policies can kiss my ass.

New Jersey fifth-grader Aarin Moody received a first hand lesson about his school’s zero tolerance policy after he was expelled for accidentally bringing a foam, Nerf bullet to school.

His mother, Michelle Moody, said that her son was reaching for a note from her when the projectile fell out of his pocket, causing alarm and concern from a faculty member at the school.

Officials at the Uptown Complex School had categorized the toy dart as a self-constructed weapon, because it had a toothpick stuck in it.

“It’s completely ludicrous,” she told Fox News. “I would understand if he had the [toy] gun in class and tried to shoot someone, but he didn’t. All he had was the dart with a broken toothpick in it.”

Aarin Moody told a local paper that he feels that the school wants him to say that he did it on purpose, and that he initially put it in his pocket to hurt someone at the school. He says that he put the toothpick in it so it would stick to the ground when he shot it, and that he genuinely forgot that the dart was in his pocket when it suddenly fell out.

The fifth-grader was expelled from school, although that has now been changed to a five-day, in-school suspension and a note on his permanent record that says he brought a makeshift weapon to school.

This isn’t the first time a child has been punished over having a “weapon” at school. We all remember the boy who was eating a pop tart, and at one point, it was shaped like a gun, and he was suspended. Or, you know, when a group of students were suspended for bringing Nerf dart guns to school as part of a math lesson after their teacher gave them permission to.

What was Aarin Moody going to do? Throw the dart at someone and hope that the toothpick killed them? He didn’t even have the toy gun to shoot said Nerf bullet.



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