Middle School Teacher Fired After He Allowed Students To Have Sex In His Classroom Closet

At what point in time did this seem like a good idea?

Quinton Wright, a 25-year-old math teacher and coach at Champion Theme Middle School in Stone Mountain has been arrested and fired after a mother claimed he allowed, and arranged, for middle school students to have sex in his classroom closet.

The mother told WSB-TV that she was in “a state of disbelief” when she read the text messages between her 14-year-old son and his teacher. The boy’s mother asked to remain anonymous, but stated that the teacher allowed two students to set up times in which they could have sex in his classroom closet.

Some of the text messages were released to news organizations are as follows:

“Ight, I’m going to bring my lab top to cut some of the noise back there,” reads a text message that was allegedly sent by Wright.

“Ight,” the student responded.

“I ain’t got no condoms… Ya’ll can’t be long,” Wright responded.

“I’ll give u to money for it tomorrow can u get me a 3 pack of Trojan enz,” the student said in response.

The teacher then allegedly sent a calendar to the boy, that stated when his classroom would be available. He then told the 14-year-old that he could have the room from 7:30 to 8:30.

The mother revealed other text messages allegedly sent by Wright, which were as follows:

“Did you tell the girl what’s going to happen? That she cannot tell anybody?”

“Basically, don’t tell anyone I’m allowing you to use my room.”

The mother was always suspicious of the teacher, because during the eighth-grade prom, he asked the boys mother if he could come over and take pictures with some of the boys before they went to prom. The mother said no.

I hate when teachers commit these sorts of crimes, because it puts a negative light on the profession. Most teachers find joy in knowing that they are influencing, and turning the younger generation into the workers of tomorrow. Of course, there are a few bad apples in the bunch, but honestly, how was this teacher not investigated after wanting to take photos with a group of 14-year-old boys before they left for prom?

How did he even get the students phone number?

But in all honestly, one of the worst things about this whole ordeal is that the teacher had such atrocious grammar and spelling whilst texting one of his students.

Either he thought he was being the “cool adult” that wanted to be friends with his students more than a role model, or he’s a pervert. Take your pick.

Photo courtesy of AJC.com


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