New Study Reveals Teens Who Sleep With Same Sex Report Higher Rates Of Pregnancy

I guess it’s safe to say that these types of relationships aren’t exactly monotonous. 

The study, lead by Dr Lisa Lindley, was published early this month in the American Journal of Public Health. The study revolved around a sample of 9,703 New York high school students who had all had previous sexual experiences, either with their own, or a different gender.

Amazingly, the results revealed that pregnancies were reported by 13.3 percent of heterosexual women, and by 13.7 percent of women that had only ever slept with men. However, this percentage rose to 23 percent if the participant identified as a lesbian, or bisexual, and to 20 percent for women who said they had slept with both men and women.

But it’s not just women that were tested in this study.

28.6 percent of self-identified gay or bisexual men, and 37.7 percent of men who had sex with both men and women, say they had gotten someone pregnant. Alternatively, only 10 percent of heterosexual male students, or those who had only been sexually active with women, had impregnated someone.

“We looked at identity and we looked at who they were having sex with,” said Dr Lisa Lindley. “Of course, those aren’t necessarily the same. Someone may engage in behaviors with same-sex individuals but not identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. The main thing that people need to realize is that these are young people who are engaging in vaginal intercourse, regardless of their identity.”

Lindley is hypothesizing that students who don’t identify as straight, are less experienced with conraception than heterosexual couples because the current sexual education system is only directed at heterosexual sex. In addition, she feels that gay and lesbian students may be deliberately trying to impregnate, or become pregnant to try to cover their own sexual identity.

Read about the study here.


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One Response to New Study Reveals Teens Who Sleep With Same Sex Report Higher Rates Of Pregnancy

  1. Hellkite says:

    The really stupid thought is that if the study is geared towards heterosexual intercourse, then all people are receiving the exact level of education needed about protection and how to prevent pregnancy. The idea that merely because someone is homosexual that they don’t know how to stick a fucking condom on, or take a contraceptive pill, is demeaning to both the teenagers involved and fucking GODDAMNED REASON ITSELF.



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