Desperate Criminal Gets Pregnant 13 Times To Avoid Prison Sentence

Being pregnant is a punishment in itself.

A Chinese woman, surname Zeng, is finally facing the music after avoiding her prison sentence for 10 years by telling the court on 14 different occasions that she was pregnant.

Zeng was originally sentenced to life in prison for corruption charges on October 17, 2005. However, due to her pregnancy at the time, the court ruled that she should be put on probation until the end of her pregnancy.

Knowing that once her pregnancy was over she would have to go to prison, Zeng repeatedly received abortions after telling the court that she was pregnant and unable to serve her sentence in prison. In almost 10 years, Zeng claimed to be pregnant on 14 different occasions, however she admits that on one of those occasions, she was lying.

Thinking that something was awry, the Municipal Bureau of Justice resubmitted the suggestion to send her to prison. Finally, the legal system prevailed, and Zeng, now 39-years-old has started to serve her prison sentence.

Desperate times call for desperate measures!


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