Hasbro Has Developed Robotic Cats To Stop Old People From Feeling Lonely

It’s the perfect solution to wanting a cat, but not wanting to clean up a bunch of cat sh*t.

Joy For All is a new initiative by the toy company, Hasbro, that take toys beyond the area of play, and help them combat bigger problems. The first toy on the market is a robotic cat that is designed to be a great companion for people of any age, whether they are eight, eighteen, or eighty.

The toy, playfully nicknamed “robocat” has been designed to mimic the behavior of a real animal. The cat has a series of sensors over its body that react to the touch of a person. A stroke on the toy’s back will cause the animal to purr, tickling its cheeks will cause the toy to meow. Whenever it gets dark, you will actually be able to hear the cat yawn and begin to fall asleep.

However, the vice-president of business development for Hasbro, Ted Fischer, says that the toy isn’t a replacement for a real pet. Instead, the toy is designed to help combat loneliness – particularly among the older generations in the world.

Research also suggests that there is a real benefit to providing people with companion robots, especially if they are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

While it may seem totally bonkers for someone to care for a robotic companion, you have to remember that a lot of the people who enjoy the company of these animals, need round the clock care. A patient suffering from dementia, or Alzheimer’s can have a sense of false independence or empowerment after taking care of their robotic companion.

This is kind of like when people stuff their former pets and put them in the living room – although a robotic cat is a lot less creepy, a lot more futuristic, and a lot cheaper, as the toy only costs $99.

Whatever floats your boat, lonely people.


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