Women Trying Untested ‘Womb Detox’ Method Warned of Dangers

New year, new dangerous health tips.A US firm called Embrace Pangaea (what does that even mean) is selling “Herbal Womb Detox Pearls” online. The firm is claiming that these pearls, which are small balls of herbs sprayed with perfume, are sold in one or two month packages, which can be bought for the low price of $85, and $480.

These magic pearls are supposed to aid in correcting conditions such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts and thrush. Another package sold by the same company is supposed to promote “vaginal tightening” which works by magically “tightening the womb.”

In addition, these herbs can flush out toxins, and “cleanse the womb and return it to a balance state.”

As you may have guessed, it’s a load of sh*t.

Dr Jen Gunter, a US gynecologist released this blog post completely debunking the company’s claims, and revealing that the herbs in these products have not actually been tested for vaginal use.

To make matters worse, Dr Jen Gunter said that these herbal pearls would increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome, a potentially fatal syndrome caused by a buildup of bacteria.

Tamieka Atkinson, the owner of Embrace Pangaea, told the Independent: Our product is not a drug by any means, and we make no claims of curing, diagnosing, or treating disease.”

Tamieka Atkinson also stated that the company encourages women to ask their doctor before trying any of their products, and that many women have used their products successfully, without harm. As you’d expect, this information is at the very bottom of the product’s webpage.

She’s not wrong, she’s just an asshole.

Every too often, people who aren’t medical experts are mass recommending products that haven’t been tested to prove that they are safe, and that they are effective. It’s getting to the point that these modern-day snake oil salesmen are putting people’s lives in danger, and they need to face legal consequences for spreading this misinformation, and recommending products that aren’t scientifically sound.

People need to realize that products like this, that have not been approved by the FDA, are not only dangerous, but they are just ill-informed. An equivalent to these products would be, if, say, Ginger Ale companies started marketing their drink as a stomach relaxer, and not a soda.



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