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Robber wearing shark onesie robs gas station of candy

According to Stuff , two men walked into a gas station in Canterbury, New Zealand on a mission. One of the men looked like your friendly neighbourhood gas station robber. The other man, well… Advertisements

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Texas Man Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Fence

When people talk about dreaming of a white picket fence… this isn’t what they mean. 32-Year-old Eliodoro Estala of Austin Texas faces a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure after his neighbor caught him having sex with his fence. Estala was … Continue reading

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In 2005, a 12-Year-Old Girl Was Kidnapped By 4 Men. You’ll Never Guess Who Came To Her Rescue

I can’t believe this actually happened. 

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Women Trying Untested ‘Womb Detox’ Method Warned of Dangers

New year, new dangerous health tips.

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Hasbro Has Developed Robotic Cats To Stop Old People From Feeling Lonely

It’s the perfect solution to wanting a cat, but not wanting to clean up a bunch of cat sh*t.

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