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Texas Man Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With Fence

When people talk about dreaming of a white picket fence… this isn’t what they mean. 32-Year-old Eliodoro Estala of Austin Texas faces a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure after his neighbor caught him having sex with his fence. Estala was … Continue reading

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Arrested Man Orders 5 Pizzas to Police Station

29-Year-old Michael Harp was arrested for shoplifting. While at the police station, he asked officers if he could make a call from his cell phone. Since he was arrested for a minor offense, officers let him make the call.

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Immigrant to be thrown out of Germany For Being Overqualified

Simran Sodhi, an Indian woman living in Berlin is being threatened with deportation because immigration authorities believe that she is too qualified for her current role, and that she doesn’t earn enough money. By the way, the job in question … Continue reading

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